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  Hydraulics/Lowriders - by True Playaz

'64 Impala

This car came along way it's conclusion is a dream come true.

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In the early 90's my brother and my cousin had a deep passion for lowriders and the ins and the outs about that game in general. Their love got stronger and first my cousin got a 63 in 92 and shortly after in 95 my brother, then 18 got himself a half decent 64. Little by little my brother would make upgrades to bring it up to standard for the preparation for the hydraulics and just watch and help out here and there. Then in '97, he was incarcerated for a number of years and he told me to do what I want with it. He lost hope, I guess and the fate of the Impala was up to me now.

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So, little by little, I picked up where he left off and I developed a passion to roll with some juice and hit switches on them bitches. Around 98, my brother drew a picture of what the extreme dream was: Metal flake green on D's (Real D's). Then from that point on, it was on. Str8 grinding and getting down for mine to turn that picture into real life and turning the mental dream into reality. Struggle after dilemma after dead end, it became more and more real.

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Then on a deadline that I had been trying to meet the whole summer of 2000, July 8th (Dark Nights Car show) it was done. Just like in the picture. That car tore up Toronto and its special occasions. Even though my brother still wasn't around, his dream came true and up until the summer of 2001, he never got a chance to really feel the stories I would tell him about the constant rush of rolling a metal flake green (by GT Autoworks) '64 with candy on top. The 13" gold Daytons and a fully chrome competition hydraulic setup went good with two twelve's bumping out of the back dash. It was and still is all good. We did a couple of videos and tore up anywhere we went. I love rollin when it's a pack of us and our dream along with the dreams of all the True Playaz members are being fulfilled U they all lead to the #1 dream. True Playaz. The first and biggest lowrider car club of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Christian, True Playaz Lowrider C.C.
February 18, 2002