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'66 Dodge Monaco                Updated: New Pictures Feb. 22, 2001

I received the car as a gift from my father for Christmas in '93. Dad owned the car since '68 when he bought it for $300 from an old couple who left water in the rad over the winter, which cracked the block. Dad was a mechanic so the engine wasn't a big deal. My father passed away November '96 and since then all I've dreamed about is rebuilding the Monaco better then it ever was, in memory of the Old Man, not to mention it's one of the most beautiful rides I've ever laid eyes on.

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I began to research the '66 Dodge Monaco convertible via the Internet, I found out it's quite a rare bird. Only 9 to 11 hundred were ever produced and that was only outside of Canada convertibles that is.

My car came out of Windsor Ontario, ordered with a 383 V8 4 barrel carb, standard 4 wheel drum brakes, 3 speed automatic 727 toqueflite, and painted blue with blue interior. I also found the greatest thing ever happened to Mopar 'National Moparts' and the guy behind it, Nigel. He pretty much hooked me up on everything I needed for my Rare Mopar including my taillights, which are unique to '66 Monaco and almost impossible to find.

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When I began building the car I started with the power plant, I rebuild it, bored it over .30 and threw in a mild cam, overhauled the carb and replaced the leaky power steering pump. I moved on to the exhaust, put on a full custom system 2 inch front to back. Then I adjusted and resealed the tranny, installed the 323 gears posi rear end put on a full front disc conversion with brake booster and dual master cylinder. That's all for mechanical right now.

The car had a complete body overhaul, brand new top installed, and the interior freshened up. I sealed it all up with some sweet shiney blue paint job. Ohhh yeah, I almost forgot, it sits pretty on top of some 18" 100 spoke chromies.

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My car still needs an endless amount of work done on it and many more blessings from the money gods. Donations are welcome. For next year, if the gods are good to me, I'd like to re-chrome all my emblems, moldings, bumper and grill slap a little air ride action on it. Maybe some 18' subwoofers to go with the rims too.

Doug, True Playaz Lowrider Club
August 26, 2001

New Pictures Added: February 22, 2002