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  Hydraulics/Lowriders - by True Playaz

'64 Pontiac Parisienne a.k.a. LOLO 6FO

The year was 1998, the first time I saw my baby. I went a school to check one of my friends who was in auto shop class. When the shop door opened the first thing I saw was a Brown and Gold old ride that I had to have. A few months later I ended up going to that same school and ended up in the same class with the car. After finding out that the car was the auto teacher's car, I quickly offered him $1000 and he accepted.

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Throughout the year we rebuilt the engine (on the schools account). My 1964 Pontiac Parisienne was fairly clean with a beautiful original interior. All of the chrome was there but there were a few personal touches I wanted to put on it. I purchased a few things: pair of wipers, mirrors and antennas. It has a 283 V8 engine, with a 2-speed power glide transmission. The only thing holding me back was due to my financial situation and I was going through a rough time in my life. I lost the spirit and was even considering selling my car. After putting my car on hold for a few years, one day while at home recovering from surgery, Clyde came over.

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He showed me some hydraulic videos that completely enhanced my love for lowriders and brought my vibe back with vengeance. My next purchase was a set of 100 spoke 13x7 all chrome Luxors. 2001, time to get serious. The first thing I did was buy a 4-pump competition marzocchi-plus Showtime kit. Then I bought 6 Group 31 deep-cycle Gel Cell batteries that will never leak. The next step was to reinforce the frame and to make rack for the trunk.

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Months are passing buy and I still didn't know what shade of gold to paint my ride. Finally crunch time was here, summer of 2001, and I finally knew what colour I was going with. I chose a 2001 Chrysler gold with gold and white ice pearl, which was applied at GT AutoWorks. The first time seeing it after it came out of the paint booth I FELL IN LOVE all over again. A few weeks later I found a welder that wasn't trying to rip me off and we installed the Hydraulics. I have never smiled so much before in my life!!! And it is not over yet.

Esan, Vice President, True Playaz Lowrider C.C.
August 31, 2001